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About OI.

Welcome To Our Company Website!

Outside Interactive was founded by Gary McNamee. After enduring yet another boring treadmill run in another harsh New England Winter while in preparation for the Boston Marathon, Gary thought, “what if I could film the course and view it while I ran on my treadmill?” And just like that, Outside Interactive was born. After compiling research about the latest technologies in videography (and a LOT of trial and error) Gary successfully filmed the 26.2 mile course from Hopkinton to Boston and other popular running routes by refining the videography and editing process to produce the smoothest views of the course seen from a runner’s perspective. Each course was filmed multiple times and the use of post production editing allowed for multiple speeds of the video to be adjusted without either a fast forward or slow motion effect. Runners would be allowed to pre-select the pace they wished to have the video play to simulate the pace they would run on the treadmill. The end results were pre-paced videos. Not satisfied with this solution, Gary took the idea one step further. “What if the video speed could actually be controlled interactively by the pace of the runner?” So Gary set to work to make this happen.

This approach proved to be much more of a challenge. But Gary has a knack for staying on course and taking a different approach to problem solving as evidenced in hisĀ two prior companies. He determined that this solution had to be simple and not require any special treadmill. It had to work with the equipment the runner already owned. Using a dozen of his closest running friends as guinea pigs, Gary developed a software solution that would work with a simple footpod that the runner would attach to his/her shoelace, which would communicate with a USB receiver attached to the runner’s laptop or PC. Wireless data created from the footpod transmitting the runner’s pace would control the speed of the video through the newly developed software. And just like that, Virtual Runner Software was born. Moving forward, the goal of Outside Interactive is to continue offering many different popular running routes that allow runners to preview race courses, learn the landmarks or just enjoy the scenery in an effort to improve runners’ treadmill experiences…all at their own pace of course!