Run your favorite routes during inclement weather or even while traveling.

Central Park Summertime 10K Run

This video takes the viewer on a 6.2 mile (10K) virtual run around Central Park in New York City. If you're a runner and have ever lived or worked Manhatten, these sidewalks and roads are a staple of your training grounds. Enjoy the sights and landmarks during your run starting in Central Park South near Columbus Circle, heading North clockwise passing the former Tavern on the Green, just one a many landmarks you will see on your 10K run. In addition, you can select any mile marker point along the course to begin your run. Filmed in widescreen and in Dolby Digital Sound, you can hear as well as see all natural sounds and sights this video has to offer, The "Central Park 10K Run" is a sure way to liven up any treadmill run and will make it fun and entertaining to stay in shape at your pace no matter what the weather outside or where you are in the world.