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Virtual Runner.

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What is it?

Virtual Runner is an exciting new video software product developed by Outside Interactive. Created with the treadmill runner in mind, Virtual Runner consists of a software “app” for Windows or iPad, used in conjunction with our professionally shot HD videos taken from a first person point of view. Video speed can be adjust manually (iPad only) to match your pace as you run on the treadmill. For a more immersive experience, video speed can be adjusted automatically with the use of an ANT+™ footpod and ANT+ Wireless Receiver “stick.” An optional ANT+ compatible Heart Rate Monitor can also be used to provide real time data via a heads up display. ANT+ is the wireless network protocol found in many of today’s wearable technology by brands such as Garmin, Timex and Adidas.

How does it work?

Virtual Runner is designed to work WITH the existing hardware you already own. No special treadmill required! You simply download Virtual Runner on your iPad, laptop or tablet along with selected videos you can purchase and download. Select a video you wish to run to. After a brief countdown the video will begin. You can adjust the speed of the video to simulate the speed you are running on the treadmill. For automatic speed adjustment, attach the footpod to your shoelace and plug in the wireless receiver into your iPad, laptop or tablet. Next, you select which video or videos wish to view and start the program. After a brief countdown, your video begins to play on your monitor or HDTV (if connected.) As you run, the footpod transmits your pace to the USB receiver. This data is read by the Virtual Runner Software, which adjusts the speed of the video based on this data. If you run faster, the video will speed up. If you slow down, the video will slow down. The audio component contains natural sounds captured when footage was shot, which are not affected by speed change. A mute option can be enabled if you wish to listen to your own music. You also have the option of starting anywhere along a given route by selecting a mile marker so a course can be broken up and covered over several runs.

Works With:

Your EXISTING TreadmillYour EXISTING iPad, laptop or Windows tabletYour EXISTING HDTV

Interactive video controlled by your pace: You run faster, the video runs faster. You run slower, the video runs slower!

Data storage for saved videos and footpod calibration.

Multiple racecourses, running routes and trails professionally shot and edited, all filmed in High Definition from a runner’s vantage point.

Add in your own self made videos of your own local or vacation running routes

Each professionally created video shows a marker at each mile or kilometer and an optional Heart Rate Monitor display. Certain videos and sections of videos contain elevation prompts notifying you to raise or lower your treadmill’s incline and by how much.

“Natural Sounds” or “Mute” capabilities

A “Replay” option is available for shorter videos

A “Save” option is available for longer videos you wish to break up over several workouts

“Variable Start” – You can select by mile or kilometer marker where on a course you wish begin

No more boring runs on the treadmill

Learn racecourses and landmarks BEFORE you run them

Run your favorite routes during inclement weather or even while traveling

Important Note: Currently Virtual Runner is limited to a 15:00 per mile or faster pace point. In order for the software to function at all, you must be able to maintain at least a pace of 15:00 per mile (4 miles per hour).

Virtual Runner is ANT+ certified and compatible with ANT+ foot pods and heart
sensors. Visit the for a list of compatible products.