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Testimonials. What people are saying about us.

“It’s about time someone came up with this idea. I used it training for the Boston Marathon this year. Knowing the course ahead of time and feeling the elevation of Heartbreak Hill on my own treadmill was great training for the real thing on race day.”
 Lauren via Facebook
“The time just flew by. You actually feel like your making progress.”
Brian L –  Cape Cod, Massachusetts
“Growing up on Cape Cod, I used to run the Falmouth Road Race Course all the time. Now that I’m in Nebraska, I can still run the course virtually anytime.”
Maureen L – Gretna, Nebraska
“The interaction with the video is amazing!  Time flew by!”
Jaden P Fort Myers, FL
Just ran a 10K in Central Park. Awesome! The software even stored my course PR. Can’t wait to try to break it!
Micah B via Facebook
“I just ran the Charles River Pre-Paced DVD and am ordering the rest. I’ll get to bring a bit of home with me when I’m next deployed”
Chris R – Boston, MA 
” I tried the Pre-Paced DVD and just upgraded to the Virtual Runner Software. I love the interaction. Even better is it works with my existing treadmill. Can’t wait for more videos!”
Cheryl J White Plains, New York
Your Virtual Runner product is AMAZING. Time flew by. It actually keeps me on the treadmill longer. I have Apple TV and am looking forward to your iPad version. Central Park on the big screen will be cool!
Melanie H via Facebook
“Having 3 little ones and training for New York hasn’t been easy, but when I’m inside on the treadmill, your Virtual Runner Software makes it some much more enjoyable. Thank you.”
Sara P –  Atlanta, GA 

“This is very cool, “I actually feel like I’m on the course. With all the twists and turns, it’s like chapters in a book. You feel like you’re making progress. Without realizing it, you’re an hour in. That’s cool.”

Eric Blake – World Record Holder for the treadmill marathon at 2:21.40 set 2006

“This is truly a game changer, running over 18 hours a day for 7 days while chasing the records, my biggest challenge was boredom. Outside Interactive has made great strides in making treadmill running more engaging and fun.”

Sharon Gayter – World Record Holder of the most miles covered on a treadmill in 7 days at 517.33 miles set December, 2010.

“I have worked in the fitness equipment industry for the last 16 years and have been reviewing treadmills for the last 8 years. Outside Interactive is offering an alternative to the boredom of running in place on your treadmill. Let’s face it, running on a treadmill is a drag in comparison to running outdoors, and the boredom often discourages people to use their treadmills. Outside Interactive offers the perfect solution, the Virtual Runner Software – a visual running experience through famous routes. With the use of a footpod you put on your shoe, you can run and watch your progress on a monitor or a HDTV. The video moves in conjunction with the speed of the runner. It is as close as you are going to get to actually running outdoors, and it makes running in place thrilling.”

“If you find it difficult to get motivated to run on your treadmill and you want to overcome the boredom of running indoors, the Virtual Runner Software is the answer.”

Fred Waters
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