Wearable Technology

If you enjoy using Virtual Runner with manual adjustment of the video speed to match your pace, there is an even more immersive way to experience the courses interactively. Using ANT+ or Bluetooth wireless technology, your Virtual Runner app can automatically control the video speed from a simple footpod you wear on your shoelace. This footpod sends a wireless signal to your iPad, Tablet or PC which adjusts the video speed automatically as you run. Also, in addition to receiving real-time on screen data such as elapsed time, distance, pace and cadence, by wearing a heart rate monitor you can also monitor your heart rate on the display as well. Virtual Runner even records your best time for the video so you can compete with yourself. Please keep in mind that the footpod only works with our product while running on a treadmill. If you are using the product with other indoor training equipment the speed must be adjusted manually on your iPad or Tablet.

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Can Automatically Adjust Speed while using your iPad, Tablet or PC.